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LAST UPDATE: 23 january 2023

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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney star in The Marvels (2023), and there are options to watch the movie in theaters or at home. The 2024 R-rated romantic comedy comes from director Will Gluck and unites two of Hollywood's rising stars. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, the respective stars of Euphoria and Top Gun: Maverick, headline The Marvels (2023)'s cast as Bea and Ben. The movie follows the two characters as they attend the same wedding after a previous hookup and fake being in a relationship to make their exes jealous. The project has generated plenty of interest from the passionate fan bases for both stars.

The on-screen relationship between Bea and Ben has driven anticipation for The Marvels (2023). The two stars were rumored to be romantically involved during the making of the film, sparking more interest in Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney's age gap. Meanwhile, the trailers have hinted at The Marvels (2023)'s R-rated content, ranging from sexual content to nudity. Regardless of the specific reason why someone wants to watch The Marvels (2023), the movie's exclusive theatrical release is a rather big deal for a rom-com. There will be more ways to watch it after the theatrical run concludes.

Sony Pictures has The Marvels (2023) scheduled for a December 22, 2023, release date exclusively in theaters. The movie was originally announced with a slightly earlier release date of December 15, but it was then pushed back a week. This puts The Marvels (2023) as major counter-programming for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Migration, and The Iron Claw, as its target demographic is younger adults looking for a fun time. How long The Marvels (2023) will be in theaters will be determined by how well it performs at the box office over the holidays and through the start of 2024.

When Will The Marvels (2023) Release On Streaming?

Sony has not officially announced The Marvels (2023)'s streaming release date, but this option should come in early 2024. Since Sony does not have its own streaming service, it licenses its new releases to Netflix, followed by Disney Plus/Hulu. The good news is that Sony has a fairly strong track record when it comes to figuring out when movies will debut on a streaming service. Sony's other major 2024 R-rated comedy Fifty Shades of Grey went on streaming after roughly four months. This should mean that The Marvels (2023) will be released on Netflix in April 2024 if Sony follows a similar schedule.

When Will The Marvels (2023) Release On Digital?

The earliest option to watch The Marvels (2023) at home should come through the movie's digital release. Sony will eventually make the movie available on all major PVOD services. Using Fifty Shades of Grey as an example again, the movie came to digital after almost two months in theaters. This would mean Sony will give the option to buy or rent The Marvels (2023) on digital starting in late February 2024 most likely. There is a chance that this release window is moved up a bit depending on how well Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney's movie does at the box office.

When Is the Release Date for The Marvels (2023)?

Prep your next date night at the movies! Mark your calendars - The Marvels (2023) makes its debut on December 22, 2024. Previously, the film was supposed to premiere on December 15 but was ultimately pushed back by a week. But good things come to those who wait, right?

The Marvels (2023) isn’t the only movie gracing theaters this holiday season so you better grab some extra popcorn. The rom-com is set to be released alongside the family-friendly animated film Migration, DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a musical remake of The Color Purple, Michael Mann’s revved up Ferrari, A24’s wrestling drama The Iron Claw, and, of course, George Clooney’s The Boys in the Boat.

If you’re all joyed up this holiday season and need a little break from the Christmas celebrations, be sure to head to the theaters for some cinematic cheer."


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