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Conversations of Consumerism

A Speaker Series

In this series, we interview experts and youth changemakers from all sectors of the sustainability field on their work, key parts of their experience, and their takes on conscious consumerism. We hope that by sharing these stories and voices, more people will be educated on sustainability and inspired to cut down on their consumption.


Episode 1: Sonalie Figueiras

Sonalie Figueiras is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Green Queen, Asia’s award-winning impact media platform advocating for social and environmental change. Here, in this episode, we discuss overconsumption, its implications, and ways in which one can contribute.

Episode 2: Chandni Sacheti

Chandni Sacheti is the Founder of Lives Without Knives, a youth organization advocating for plant-based lifestyles. Here, in this episode, we explore veganism, food consumerism, and youth sustainability leadership as a whole.

Episode 3: Ross O'Brien

Ross O’Brien is a speaker and analyst on Asia's economies, as well as a writer for the MIT Technology review. He is also passionate in the field of sustainability, and wrote the Green Future Index, an analysis on how economies around the world are building a low-carbon future. Here in this episode, we discuss the ties between innovation, sustainability, and economic development.

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