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A continuous journey of advocacy for more conscious consumer culture

Our world needs to break free from the norm.

The Problem

Take - make - use - dispose. This is the linear economic system that characterizes society today.


However, each unnecessary purchase is consuming our future. According to the World Wildlife Fund, if everyone lived like Hong Kong citizens, we will need 4.2 Earths to support our resource use!

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We're here to build a future generation of global citizens.


Who We Are

ProjectProvision is a student-led organization led by Jane Poon, spearheading change against toxic consumerism since 2021. Through educational events and various awareness-building initiatives, we are making conscious consumption practices the standard for citizens globally, turning our vision of a brighter future into a future the world sees in the coming years.


We're taking action for sustainability world-wide

Our Impact

7 countries

Members from

4 continents


2000+ individuals engaged

A look through past events


Through educational and engaging events, such as workshops with SDG leaders, and speaker series with experts in the field of consumerism, we hope to educate a wider community about the negative ramifications of linear consumption

the true cost of overconsumption

Our recent blog articles

Listen to our podcast: Conversations of Consumerism (COC)

Ever wondered how different sectors practice sustainable consumption? To share a variety of expert perspectives, we interview professionals and youth changemakers across sustainability-related fields to inspire you on your green journey.

Meet the ExCo

A New Generation of Changemakers

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Jane Poon

Founder and Executive Director

Jane Poon is one of the 16 UNITAR Youth Ambassadors representing the Asia Pacific Region, and founded ProjectProvision due to her drive to promote SDG change. Over the years, Jane has founded multiple companies and social enterprises, spoken at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2021, and co-hosted events with companies around the region. She hopes to bring positive energy into the ProjectProvision, and tackle the consumerism crisis with a fresh approach!

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Valerie Wong

Director of Content Development

Valerie is very interested in sustainability, and is a skilled advocate for change. As a member of the school's sustainability board, Valerie is highly skilled in finding creative approaches to solve problems, and leadership. She is excited to educate the next generation on consumerism!

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Rachel Wu

Director of Events

Rachel is highly skilled in organization and communications, and has a long history of leadership, such as taking on the role of prefect at the mere age of 10. She looks forward to advocating for conscious consumerism and promoting sustainability!

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Beatrice Lam

Director of Operations

Beatrice Lam is a passionate student with a drive to seek change in the community. As a highly-skilled honours student recognized by the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Beatrice is no stranger to the field of leadership. She is looking forward to ProjectProvision's journey ahead!

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