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Painting Equipments

Hong Kong EcoVISION Virtual Exhibition

Are you a young artist hoping to create change through your work and let your voice be heard? Introducing, the Hong Kong EcoVISION Virtual Exhibition, an event empowering students to use art for social good.


About the Exhibition

The Hong Kong EcoVISION Virtual Exhibition is a virtual event for the youth, where they can create, display artwork and win cool prizes! A collaboration between ProjectProvision & Art Blossom, this event encourages any and all students interested in art, sustainability, and innovation to join! No prior experience in any of these fields is needed. 

Our topic this
year is

Algae Farm

Imagining Our Future

Over the years, we have constantly heard about what is going on in the environment, such as pollution, deforestation, climate change. We encourage you to step out of the present and into the future, imagining what YOU think our environmental future might look like!

This doesn't have to be a negative vision - it can show your ideas for future innovations that can solve these problems, a perfect environment, future heroes, and more! We highly recommend you to think out of the box and creatively present your ideas.

All Students Welcome!

All students from primary schools and secondary schools are eligible! In the American system, this would be from elementary school all the way until high school.

Awards and Recognition

For each age category, our judges will be choosing 3 of the most outstanding pieces to recognize. Additionally, there will be 1 overall prize for all categories combined.

Explore Different Mediums!

We accept all mediums, from digital art, to paintings, to sculptures, and more! Feel free to use your creativity to present your ideas in a new and stylistic manner.

Submission Guidelines

Learn how to submit your artwork effortlessly to join the EcoVISION Movement!

Image by Sigmund
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Painting Equipments

Eligibility, Rules and Criteria

Learn about our age categories, rules, regulations, and awards here

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Writing with Pen
Trees and Cliff

Contact us for Questions!

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