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What is Matching Rings For Couples?

We've all heard of the engagement ring, but how about the emerging trend among couples called the "promise ring"? The promise ring is typically given prior to the wedding as a sign of love, commitment and bond. You may be thinking that this ring has exactly the same significance as an engagement ring, don't you think?

It's true, but some couples aren't ready for the "real thing" or don't want to label their relationship. Many couples are compelled to promise each other something and prove that they are more than just on a date. With a promise ring there is no pressure to marry.

Why do these rings have such a huge following right now?

"We enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable time together, but we're not looking to get married."

You'll hear this phrase often, and it is used more frequently. According to CBS there are fewer and fewer people are getting married. This is especially evident for those who are younger than 50. People in their mid-twenties say they would like to get married one day. CBS reports that this occurs mostly when it is time to establish a marriage or if there are children present, or if the couple is looking to have children.

As a result couples are spending more time together without an engagement ring and the pool of people who are eligible for a promise rings is growing and the offer are becoming more well-known.

What are the major differences between the promise ring and the engagement ring?

Both rings are a symbol for affection and commitment, but there are some minor and major differences between these two rings. A promise ring is given to signify a promise, whereas an engagement ring is intended for a couple to get married. The promise may have different meanings depending on what the giver is promising.

Other characteristics of a promise bands include;

Rings are typically smaller and subtler.

Do not wear them on the traditional finger that is the ring

Silver, 9k or14k gold is used in place of platinum or 18k.

Set with smaller gems.

The overall design of the rings is more important than the stone at the center.

The Most Popular Promise Ring

There are many popular ring designs for these rings, too. You can choose a contemporary band with several bands stacking, a vintage design with colored stones, or a ring that is engraved with a letter. There are no rules for choosing a promise ring because each person is unique and the option of budget or choice for the ring also varies.

The most sought-after design is the eternity ring, sometimes referred to as a memoire, or an infinity ring. This ring is made up of stones that are the identical size, set in a similar manner. This makes the ring look beautiful and looks like a single line that never stops. When it comes to assembling an eternity ring, there are various options. You can choose to place the stones completely around or halfway around. You can also choose the stones you would like to use and the color they will be.

Promise ring for men too?

Men can also offer a promise. These rings differ from those given to women. They are usually more durable, like a signet ring or Rolex ring. An engraving is often chosen in these rings since there is more room . Examples of engravings include a pet's name promise, symbol fingerprint or even an image.


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